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New works

Today I am going to be blogging about... life!
I don't know about you guys but I've been going through one of those "Organizing/art" crazies!
I wanted to make a my own website but then I thought I already have my blogs...I just want a website full of my artworks! You know??

Oh well! I'll post all my stuff here haha :)

Recently started getting into my communication design!
My most recent works :)
Yellow Pop
Bird Talk
Rosie Chen (B.U.B)


"Humans Talk alot of *)*$(#) and they call us dirty!"- bird 1
"The NERVE!"- Bird 2 :)
"Give me another chance"-Pigeon 1
"I'll think about it"- Pigeon 2

Hope you guys enjoyed this post :] I had a really good time taking snap shots of these pigeons. I was thinking the other day how life would be without any birds around us~ how boring and sad would that be. Everyday I pass these animals and everday they bring some happiness to me, make me laugh. :) YAY TO PIGEONS :] & birds in General! They are amazing animals!! I'll be posting more bird photography~

Rosie Chen (B.U.B)
As a lady B.U.B cares about the health of every woman :) Support Pink Ribbon :]
"So what if they say that I'm LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD" :)

"Do not disturb me Minions" haha this one makes me laugh Bub has such a serious expression~

 "I am not a Catfish"

"I like mess" Cleanliness is overrated! (I'm sure many of you would agree...)

and this last one is a snapshot :)
":( People always say I'm fat" 

That's all for this post! Hope you guys love these as much as I do :) 

Bisous x

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