Release*Your*Inner*PEACOCK | HEY LIAO!: Release*Your*Inner*PEACOCK



Release your inner Peacock is what I want to express through my photographs..Basically I love Peacocks they are elegant graceful and full of beauty.I purchased a peacock feathered necklace today...gorgeous!I ended up taking some photos with it so here they are :)

I've been having a rough week nothing big really just one of those days where you keep thinking and thinking and can't seem to find an answer... but I've had enough. I'm going to release my inner peacock and embrace the wonderful colours of emotions!

Hear the Bliss, smell the elegance and see the grace.

"Wo bu yao.." means I don't want- I don't want to think about it anymore :)

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Hope any of you who are frustrated or having problems have begun to release your inner PEACOCK :)

Smile lots and be happy! You are sexier that way :)

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