I am a bird lover! I grew up having pet birds (well my mum did anyway) she has like 9 birds now and they are so close to our hearts. One in particular a Monk/Quaker Parakeet by the name of BWE was our family's sweetheart I purchased him 6 years ago and he was my mothers companion ever since. So from 2004-2010.

Bwe really made me love birds it was because of him I gained inspiration for lots of my designs. He was amazing, full of life and fulled with so much personality and endless energy! My Beauty channel is dedicated to him and all birds :)

Bwe sadly passed away on Dec 2010.. that was one of the most heart wrecking times of my life. People don't understand the amount of pain when one loses his/her soul mate. Bwe was my family it was hard to let him go.

His essence and memories still remain strong in my family and I always think of him. I tend to buy things that remind me of him. (sure some of you do the same :)

So here are a couple things I purchased while strolling along chapel street :)

I'm not someone that wears a necklace all the time but when I spotted this elegant necklace I had to buy it and I knew I would wear it everyday. It would be part of me.

It's this bird necklace :) It's so unique and it's a 3D bird. Really reminds me of Bwe and I love it to bits! Every time I look at it makes me smile.

and finally I purchased a glasses case! hehe it's so awesome!

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