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Photography Story.

I was only 9 when I picked up my first camera, it was my mothers canon point and shoot. I brought it to school with me so that I could take some photos of my friends who I would be leaving behind. 

(My obsession with photography began..) 

Photography has been a big part of my life, I think it's because I want to remember my life. Social Media, Art/Design, Photography is what keeps me connected to my friends and the world. When you have to move so much,  having to leave a life you just got used to and repeating that process often, photography keeps you alive. It brings you back to that special moment where you shared wonderful memories with people who mean/meant something to you. Of course it is also somewhere to lose yourself in, for me anyway :) when life gets crazy I just take my camera, leave the house and wonder around and take photos, it makes me see the world in a totally different light and gives me energy.

For me it's a  form of artistic expression. I used to just shoot everything and in every angle. Then I learnt the art of photography. 

I started out with illustrations and paintings as my outlet and just carried my point and shoot for parties. I didn't understand what a DSLR was before I purchased my first one for Photography class, it was then that I started playing with it and understanding the bond between myself and this machine. 

I started my personal street portrait and fashion photography project so that I had an "excuse" to take photos of people I found interesting but it wasn't until Feb 2013 when I started to really get into this project. That time I had just gotten back from my exchange in Germany and it was while I was there I took a photography course, which turned out to be an intensive time of shooting for me. We went to Venice for 7 days, Venice being such a touristic destination meant that no matter what I shot looked like a post card (most of the time). I wanted more! I wanted something different, something unique that expressed something (something that wasn't just pretty Venice), and that was what challenged me, to really look beyond the surface. My final project, I chose to photograph the artists and workers of Venice in a really close up/ personal way. That got me hooked to portrait and street fashion photography. I learnt about   capturing the energy of the people, the essence.

Since coming back to Melbourne, I have never been more passionate! :) I don't want to just shoot people who dress well or look "good" I want to capture  closeness and personality, so the viewers can see who these people are or get a sense of who they are. This led me to start my Shoe Profile Project. The shoe profile is about street fashion but instead of seeing the face first you see the shoes first. There is something very interesting about shoes and its connection to the individual who are wearing them. The pose in which one stands. I want to see if there is a "connection" of the shoe profile one chooses and ones personality. It was a fun idea for me and I've been loving it!

I have met so many awesome individuals, designers, artists, travelers all while shooting in the streets. It opened my eyes to how big the world is, and how diverse and interesting people around me are. Approaching people can be scary at first but every moment is worth it! I overcame a lot of butterflies, it's not easy to talk to "strangers" because you are scared of rejection but it gets easier as you go and you learn that people are friendly and often willing to share a few of their personal stories with you.

I love feeling this kind of energy, the connection to the people around me. 

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