Hobbit | HEY LIAO!: Hobbit



"The moment where they all started singing in Bilbo's home made me teary!" 

Finally watched the Hobbit! 
I enjoyed it so much, can't wait for the next two!
I highly recommend it if you loved Lord of the Rings! 
The feeling of the Hobbit is more light hearted and made me laugh 
a lot! Those Dwarves are very funny! Also it was lovely seeing 
some of the old cast! Yippee

ps. when they started singing at Bilbo's it was so touching and made me want to tear up. I get so emotional! 

I can't wait for PART II! 


  1. Hey, still yet to watch this movie!! But definitely on the top of my list of movies to watch!!
    Good to know it's more light hearted as well haha.


  2. Woo cool must watch! I might see it again in 3D LOL I'm a real Tolkien fan! :)