OOTD: Attending bday and first time in Geelong! | HEY LIAO!: OOTD: Attending bday and first time in Geelong!


OOTD: Attending bday and first time in Geelong!

First time heading to Geelong! :) So pretty!
I really missed the Cafe Culture in Melbourne and I missed the taste of a good Chai Latte! So on my way to
 board my train I decided to buy one! Then to my surprise the Barista said it was free because the
 cash register was already locked so it was on the house! So nice :)
So hot! Around 30degrees! But it's so nice and sunny so it made me smiley! :)
With my really good friend Xavier here! :) 
It's so weird being back in Melbourne! Everything is so pricy! Since it was so hot I wanted to sit at a cafe
 and have some fish and chips or something but it was like 20-30 dollars a plate! I went back to the 
boat that sells food instead! At least a cup of small chips was only $4! LOL and there 
was a seating area with shade! :)
Before I gave my coin I realized it was a special edition "World War Remembrance coin!"
A beautiful day out :)



  1. cute outfit! you know i miss watching your youtube videos

  2. aww thank you! I've missed making them! I've been working on many personal projects and I just got back to Melbourne :)! I'll be back on You-tube soon! :) watch out for me! hehe xx

  3. Stunning hairs!! Love the pattern of this dress! Wow!

    Best Jasmin