OOTD: Shida and Shilin night market stroll! | HEY LIAO!: OOTD: Shida and Shilin night market stroll!


OOTD: Shida and Shilin night market stroll!

So as some of you may know I am back in Taipei :) I met up with a friend of mine for brunch then we decided to take a stroll around the famous Shida market! After Shida I went to meet another friend at the famous Shilin Night Market! :) A day of Window shopping and catching up!

Yay Night Markets!
FYI: Shida market is a famous market selling clothes and food! Close by Shida university! Packed with the latest fashion must haves at an affordable price! "mostly" run by uni students! Located by Taipower station exit 3 ;)
7D Mangoes are the best mangos ever! Yay Philipines!
After leaving Germany I craved Rooibos Tea! So I was so happy to find Rooibos here at KGB Burger!
With my very good friend Renee! :)
such cute socks! Loving the stuff they are stocking in Taipei!
This store was awesome! They had a lot of really cool clothing, hats, glasses and bags!
This cat hat seems to be the new trend!
I love these scarves! Big long and fluffy! If it wasn't for these I would have been freezing in Germany! It kept me warm and cozy through the crazy weather! Also it comes in all these colours + super affordable! 2 for 300nt!!!! Basically $5 each!
I really wanted to buy this one! Kinda regret that I didn't...
Leg warmers! 100nt! $3 so cheap! I purchased one but I don't really like it, it doesn't feel really comfortable.
Cool Cafe I found while heading to Shilin Night Market! It's a Chain of Cafe's called GRANDPA :)
I love these beanies! All made in Taiwan and I love all the colours! Only 100nt! $3
Mustard Colour love! :)
Bunny shoes! Really?! it's not my thing but I'm sure some people really love it! I took this photo for my sister! She loves Bunnies lol
These pixelated sunnies are awesome!
Jumpers! Totally love it! I'm so glad they are selling these kinds of jumpers!
I love Taiwan Shirts! :)
wow sexy phone haha would be a pretty nice gift to give to a good man friend!
So finally I purchased two scarves: grey and yellow, beanie: grey, and received my SPCA baby blue Tee! :)

Love Taipei!


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    1. glad you like it! It's actually a dress but I thought it would look nice as a skirt :)