You know..I never got many flowers growing up...I can count all the times I received flowers and I'd say 80% of the time it was my sister who got them for me :)

Whenever Valentines day hit (middle school-high school days) all the girls in my class would get their many roses and I would get one and that one would be from my dear sister :) She wanted me to feel included :) Now thinking back it brings me such warmth and joy and I get teary thinking about such memories, I feel very blessed and lucky to have a older sister who cares so much about how I feel.

This year I am 23 and she is 28 and it was so unexpected to come home and find such beautiful flowers on my desk and a letter. :) I knew it was her straight away!

Thinking back to the past year, I can honestly say Life is getting better and better! All thanks to my Good family, Friends and People who care about me! I received many "happy birthdays!" on my facebook and many letters and it just makes me happy to know that we are all connected even from far away.

Thank you God,
all I can say to you is..
Thank you for giving me love, happiness
and blessing me with the life I have now and
surrounding me with good people. It makes
all the difference in the world that they have
come into my life. Taught me a lot about what
it means to live.


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