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VOTD: Where's your butter from?

Where's your butter from?
I don't know the exact percentage of people who consume butter..
but I can tell you that the majority of 
people do! Unless you are Vegan.

Foodie thought of the day! Do your research on where your butter is from 
and where your milk is from! For ethical and health reasons! 

I'm very glad my sister started buying Myrtlelfords hand made butter.
(Even though I don't eat a lot of butter myself, when I do I like 
to know the cows are healthy and happy and have not been cruel to).

[They are an Australian owned company, 
They do not use their own cows but 
they support local farmers (The cows from 
those farms are all grass fed and healthy! ]
*I will however write them an email asking 
them about which farms they actually
get their milk from, it's just good to know*

Check out more on their website! :)
Check out their personal blog! :)
(ps. check out their Factory Tours) :)


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