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Your Own Thing! ;)

I've never been super confident with myself (not all the time). I know what kind of person I want to be, I know what I like but sometimes life gets you down. It's very hard not comparing yourself to other people. There is always someone better than you at something! I was thinking about growing up, and being a very competitive person since a young age (early teens), I just never felt good enough! How come I feel so bad about myself I thought?, "why am I not so good at illustrating, designing like so and so", "I don't feel appreciated etc." Very negative! It wasn't always like this but many times it was.. I was always comparing myself to other people, movie stars, popular people, talented people, people with better grades! Whatever was out there!. 

Then as time rolled on and I turned 20 it suddenly struck me (and I know many wise people say this) but it's not said for no reason! When you really think about it how on earth are you ever going to be good at "other peoples thing?" You've got your "OWN THING" to be good at! No ones ever going to be as good as you :) I think this takes a lot of the pressure off! There are so many talented people in this world and there is no point in feeling bad because of that, I know when I see someone amazing and talented I think "that's awesome and good for them!" although we don't think about it as often but it took those successful people a lot of hard work to get where they are today! We tend to only look at the final outcome rather than the story.:) Don't feel crappy about not being as good as others! There is no such thing! You have to worry about being good at your own thing and keep working and striving to be better everyday! 

I am turning 23 in two days! Even though I knew that I shouldn't compare myself to others I've only really stopped doing it about a  year ago! I just never felt the need to do it once I had my mind in the right place. I accepted I wasn't as talented in many areas like other people and that's ok, I want to learn more and most importantly! I have my own talents and qualities and  my own thing :) and that is all that matters :)



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