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Feeling overwhelmed.

There are so many projects I want to do..but not enough time and it frustrates me sometimes. It's not good to not concentrate on one thing! I want to do too many things and this makes me scattered. I've always been like that growing up scattered (good that when it comes down to it, I can finish all my projects all of them but just going through the process...so arg), want to try this, try that..when does it all fall into place?

I want my Youtube videos to be of better standard and create more interesting videos but it takes like an entire day to edit and film. Then there is uni, and friends, social life, projects eeek O_o arg actually I shouldn't be complaining since I do it to myself. No one is telling me I should be doing so many things at once, just me. I admire all these people on youtube, they are so amazing how they juggle their busy lives. I'm sure I will get there one day..I just need to follow my own pace..take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

The smallest things like a domain name can make me go bit cray cray! I'm thinking what do I want as my youtube name? Ann Liao or leave it as Ann Liaoz.. I just don't like that Z >:( I also like when everything is a group a team. My name, email and all my social media so it's easy for people to find me. Ohh and I need a new hardrive and get a proper external monitor connector.. every time I get one it's the wrong fit!? 

I'm procrastinating again.. I'm supposed to be graduating in 4 weeks! I'm really scared, excited and... so many mixed emotions! Moving back to Taipei? Will life be good for me there? Will I be able to flourish? Will I be good at what I'm going to do? Just like always I take that leap of faith and hopefully I'm in good place.. believing that everything happens for a reason always makes me strong. God I know you'll  be by my side during hard times. I'm just stressed. 

I'll get by, right? God is with me and I'll be praying to him please make my mind clear up and think straight! THINK STRAIGHT! 


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