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Just Turned 23!

My sister made my very favorite honey lavender cupcakes! :)
Was lucky that it was a warm and very sunny day! woo hoo!
Lunch time before the lecture I hung out with some friends at this cafe! I had never been there before even though I've been studying around this area for ages! They have a great interior space! 

Had a lecture on my birthday! :P Pretty good one though :) The speaker is the author of these two books! (He has written many!) Very well known and famous Per Mollerup from Denmark who is now residing in Melbourne! I saw him at the last AGideas conference! 
Saw these two dudes outside the campus! LOL we used to all hangout a lot two semesters ago but now we rarely see each other (different classes and schedules)! 
This cat is such a cutie!!! The most responsive, cheery cat ever! Came to say hi for a bit before we headed to the trams! 
Had the best dinner! I had vietnamese food spring rolls and pho then for desert my sister brought me to eat some real Italian Gelati! Salted Caramel was the bomb!!!  So yumms! Overall such a great 23rd :) 


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