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PP: B.W.E Publication

*PP stands for Personal Projects :)

So guys I am so excited to talk about this project! It's a personal/Uni project for publication design! I've been wanting to design a publication regarding all things cruelty free (Beauty & Food) , art, fashion, environmental design (up cycling, recycling),  photography  for a long long time! It's a combination of my Bwe the Promoter (beauty blog) & this HeyLiao! blog (creative journal) in one! 

New magazine: About local Art/Design, Artists, sustainable living, Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants, coolest cruelty free beauty products/brands, style: street fashion/portraits, Photography and local Melbournian goodies!

Beauty, Will power and Energy :) Hope the outcome is awesomeness! Even if we may not all be Vegans/Vegetarians or only support cruelty free beauty products! It's good to learn more and slowly integrate this kind of lifestyle to our own! It will only bring a positive impact :):) ♥

Check out my mockup! I can totally see it coming together really well! What do you think? :) I will be doing lots of photography and interviews in the next 2 weeks!!! Excited as!

*My inspiration is Frankie and Yen Magazine (I am a fan and follower of their mag but often I think to myself I wish there was a magazine more about kindness, charity, vegetarian, vegan lifestyle, sustainability all in one, so I can learn more and do more good!! A hip fun mag with life changing info!)
I chose Leona Lewis & Alicia Silverstones because of their awesomeness in fighting against animal tested beauty! 


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