A ordinary day. | HEY LIAO!: A ordinary day.


A ordinary day.

Shooting Location: Melbourne 
Photographer: Ann Liao
Editor: Ann Liao 

These photographs were taken while I was walking home from uni. I thought to myself (I often do, think a lot). 

When we grow older and older life becomes more complicated, right? The first image (man with guitar), he's just chilling out playing his guitar and life is a "breeze" he is young man,  enjoying himself on a good day (weather wise). 

Then the second image really made me think about friendship and being around loved ones. When I  am an old grandma I just want a loving husband by my side and have a doggy companion, the simple pleasures of life. I will no longer be able to travel like I once did, spending time with people who love me will be my fuel and joy (always is but I know that one day when I am that old and all my friends and family are no longer in this world, my children all have their own families..I just want to be with my partner). I hope to be my partners fuel and joy too!

The last image I took because this man had an aura about him that was very "eye catching?", he was actually across the road from me when I spotted him. People his age who look instantly striking means he must of done something interesting in his life, where else did he build that confidence and important vibe from? Probably a business man who was quite successful or someone who traveled a lot (I'm assuming). When I see old people like him on the streets I think, "I also want to be independent when I am old, and still have a purpose, and that purpose is to help those around me!  To be able to still get noticed when I ask a question or need help. "So many "old" people get ignored because the society we live in can be so superficial so you need to be"well dressed and important looking". [Just an FYI: I really don't like that we don't notice old people and their needs as much, especially at hospitals, sometimes you get such impatient nurses that make me very angry but lets leave that post for another day.]

I think no matter what stage of life we are on, we all have our complications, the older we get the less people we can share stories with (unless you have grandchildren) but then again that connection is different because they aren't from the same "time" as you. My granny has gotten old now and sometimes even her children (7 kids) can get impatient with her..or they argue about who takes care of her, to me I feel very sad. I live overseas and when I am back in Taipei I try to spend time with her (she is my favorite woman). I feel hopeless and wish she could still go out with her friend like she once did or take a stroll by herself , eat whatever she wants. 

This is the first post, hope you enjoyed my new section and the photos : Everyday Encounters in Black and White Photography.


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