1.The Love Cloud- Lorde
2. Your Eyes- Bombay bicycle club
3. On Fire- Loon Lake
4. Breeze- Sancisco 
5. EndoLost- Rasmus Walter 

1. Game Of Thrones!
3. The Carrie Diaries
4. Naruto Shippuden
* Also waiting for Secret Circle and Kora! 

1. Watched Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D!! 
Most Famous Scene in the movie! ahhh it was so good! 
My friend told me she recently watched Jurassic park (this was like April 20 something) and she told me it was EPIC! I was like WHATTTT I didn't know Jurassic Park is showing in 3D IMAX! I have to go! I realized I didn't have enough money to book a ticket (all the tickets were sold out). Eventually I did get a ticket cause of a very good friend of mine who decided to book the tickets for the weekend (Sat to be exact around April 23) and so Sat came along and we went! It brought back so many memories of my dad and I, it was so nostalgic! It was my favorite childhood movie and my dad and I's movie! The 3D was awesome! (I didn't think there was a lot of 3D, 3D if you know what I mean..it was jumping out or something). But honestly the retouching and the Dinosaurs was amazing! I loved every moment of it :) aww when I was little I wanted to be an archeologist because of this film and even to this day I visit all the dinosaur exhibitions shows that I can get my hands on. 

I've been enjoying Yen Mag heaps this month! Also COLORS Mag! 
Colors if you guys don't know about it, is a very educational publication! It's like National Geographic had a baby with Yen Mag! haha it is really really awesome! Super Visual and entertaining! I guarantee! 

This month I've been kinda Mellow.. but I went to a few partys and dressed up a bit! 
Party 1- River Boat Thrifty Themed Cruise!
see all the photos here
At a birthday! 

This month Haven't worn any Jewelry! Except for my graduation ring and my studs! Keeping it real simple! 

LOVE LOVE Mexican Hot Sauce! I'm really loving Fresh Avo with the hot sauce + Crackers! :D
and I absolutely LOVE HOOKS Lunch special! yummmmmy!

This months accomplishments! I've managed to stick to my street fashion shoe profile project! You can find all the Street Fashion snaps here or browse the shoe profiles on the tumblr page (which I just created few days ago!)

This month I am very grateful to be in my last year of uni! I've met a lot of very cool people since I've started my shoe profile street fashion photography project! It's awesome to feel part of the Melbournian circle! I'm leaving Melbourne in 2 months! I know this is going to be a tough month with all my submissions June sometime! I am really scared, have heaps of work but! I'm going to get by! I'm also going to be seeing my boyfriend! :) Haven't seen him since Germany, I've missed him and I am so happy he decided to visit me in Taipei for 2 months! I'll also get to see all my animals, my granny and mum! Life is really hard but so amazing! Thank you God for everything! :)

A lot has been going on in my mind! About wildlife, Animals and been wanting to create some videos on my You-tube channel about  fur and being a more ethical and caring consumer. It just bugs me when I see youtubers selling products (which aren't very ethical products) to a wide audience! I wish they could just think for a sec who this company is and is it good to be selling their products. Also I'm doing a project about Sea Turtles and feel very sad about the consuming of these amazing animals! I think to myself WHY?! These animals (and many other animals) are not ours to eat! Unless you are in that region and it's your staple food! Still though these animals are so endangered and did you know 1 in 1000 survive the first year? The statistics (yes even if it may not be 100%) is still alarming! I think it would be nice that more wealthy companies put their foot down! Thought about everything in their company, from where they source their raw materials from (thinking how does this project or this product affect the world and the lives of people/animals). Really important! 


Hope you guys enjoyed my APRIL Favorites for 2013 (non beauty edition!) 
link me to your monthly favorites! :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a great favourites post Ann!

    Nice to know a fellow anime fan out there :) lol

    I wish you all the best for next month's goals and accomplishments!




  2. Thanks Siree! Hope next months an awesome one for you and the Hidden Thimble!

    Keep in touch!