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Darcy 31, Musician, Spotted: Prahran

I spotted Darcy while I was on my way home, he had a very artistic "aura" about him, his vibe was fantastique so I asked him if I may take a photo of him! He was super friendly and very patient with me taking lots of pictures :) I hope these pictures do him justice, he was very polite and a lovely person to speak to. 

He is actually a member of Clairy Brown & The Bangin Racketes originally from Brisbane he now resides in Melbourne Victoria! Also just finished performing in the States.

I went home and checked up on the band and they have amazing music! Genre: Indie Roots! 
They have been featured on Triple J unleased and have done lots of performances! 

Links to them 
Official Website: http://www.clairybrowne.com

*I would also like to add that it's so awesome to meet such a talented and lovely individual, he wasn't one  bit standoffish! :) Thumbs up! 

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