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MAY 2013 "Reflections"

1. Keep on running- Andy Bull
2. Gone, Gone, Gone- Phillip, Phillips
3. Thrift Shop ft. Wanz- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
4. Troublemaker- Olly Murs, Flo Rida
5. Daylight- Maroon 5


1. Game Of Thrones!
2. Two Broke Girls
3. Psycho Pass (anime)
4. Naruto Shippuden (anime)
* Also waiting for Secret Circle and Kora! 


I was so boring this month! I didn't watch any films! :(
I was planning to watch Nich Hoults Warm Bodies and Iron Man but nope.. :(
(Uni assignments take over all my time lol)


Heck no time for Magazines either! :/


Hoodies and tons of scarves! Been cold and rainy! 

FOOD pot and Vietnamese Pho! So good for cold days! hehe I've also been in love with Inca Berries and Loving Earths Organic Activated Buckinis! So good! 


I didn't accomplish much this month, just trying to do my best with uni!


This month I am really thankful for my extension (I never asked for an extension before and never visited a counselor, I was very desperate I felt like I couldn't breathe and I'm so happy I went!), I was stuck in a rut.. with so much stuff going on in my life, financial problems, totally confused with my info graphics class and just extremely stressed out and didn't eat well, didn't do my street shoe profiles as much as I wanted and had some heart problems (after my energy drink). I am THANKFUL TO BE LIVING! Yes uni is important and assignments but I really believe that HEALTH at the ned of the day is the most important! I'm thankful that I have my mum calling me on viber checking in on me :) My boyfriend always by my side even in  though he's so far. My sister cooking me dinner and having good friends to talk to :) It makes all the difference! I can't believe I just had my last class yesterday! Time is moving and not stopping I must keep going!


I had this sad and loser moment, when I thought man.. there are so many cool people doing so much (all these cool blogs) and then I felt like it was me in this loser hole..then I thought.. NO no no no no negativity life is luck and working hard towards a dream! Fighting for something you love, I always have to keep reminding myself the "Bigger Picture", what can I do at this moment with my abilities? Take things at my own pace everyone took theirs and I should enjoy every moment cause I can't go back to the past. I am doubtful and I thought I was over that.. but I'm only human and it's good to accept it and confront it. 

This month is a refection list :) May Reflections :) Hope all of you going through exams are holding on and not giving up! :)

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