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Event: Darts First Music Video Shoot!

I haven't seen my favorite band members in over a year! haha  finally got to see these guys on their first music video shoot (a section of their first music video shoot..The PARTY scene to be exact). I can't wait to see the music video when it comes out! Will be very cool, I'm sure of it.
Hope you enjoy the photos xx
Such an awesome location! The owner of this place collected everything himself and decorated it! 
Bear Man!
meow meow.
meow hehe
Panda Burglar Andrew...hahaha
Salvador Dali, Cat Angus...?!



2 Possums, 1 crocodile and a Tiger :)
The only human. (Stop looking at me weird!)
Possum should not mess with the crocodile. Just saying..
haha two Possums. 
The filming crew decorated the exterior and hung all the lanterns. 
Drum roll......

Thats a wrap! :) 

I had such a great time at this shoot. I'll be posting the final music video on my blog once it's released on YouTube! :) 

official website: Click
Facebook page: Click

All images taken by: Ann Liao (me)


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