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Bitter Sweet

I was editing my Lepus exhibition photos when I started to listen to this classical study music playlist. I just finished watching this anime called "La Corda d'Oro ~primo passo~ and ~secondo passo~". This anime made me fall in love with classical music again, I've always been a fan and listend to it often but haven't in awhile so since I was in this mindset already I needed to keep stimulated.

When I heard this track "Fall" I started to feel kind of sad... I think it triggered that bitter sweet emotion inside. I'm leaving Melbourne soon and I feel sad. I've made some wonderful friends these three years but I would say I have made a group I really enjoy being around with, who keeps me inspired and gives me energy this last semester. Friendship has always been a tough one for me. I am always leaving places and even though I know I might see everyone again sometime in the future..I know it's not going to be the same as right now. We are always constantly growing and we move on with our lives. This moment in time will never again repeat itself. I want to cherish it forever.

Like everything I've experienced in my life..there comes an end but there is always a new beginning and that is what keeps me going. Knowing there are more adventures to be lived in the future.

You know the anime really spoke to me.. we all inspire each other or have inspired one another along the way. Even though you've enjoyed so much of that moment where the two of you shared something special, eventually there comes a time to say goodbye. It's really sad..

I don't know.. it's like I have to keep my head up, even though it makes me teary.

I am so grateful for classical music. It just speaks to me like no other understands my soul and my feelings and I feel warmth and happiness.

I am not an articulate writer. I can't seem to express my feelings with these poetic words like I wish, but I will never stop writing because I actually love to write.

I think that's all that matters in the world. Doing what makes you happy, what gives you energy without harming anyone in the process of course. If it's what you enjoy why stop doing it just because there are people better than you? That's not the point is it? The point is to love what you do and spread that love around.

This is what classical music makes me feel. Just do your best, I understand, keep going, there is always a way, enjoy your life.

It is poetry, music that resonates within the soul with every's graceful and caring..

Thank you God for this invention.


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