Event: Solicitors Gig at Bar Open | HEY LIAO!: Event: Solicitors Gig at Bar Open


Event: Solicitors Gig at Bar Open

Female Toilet. 
Nice big outdoor area!
The event right at the top in the middle is todays event. The solicitors played last so we got to see "I think" it's the Naysayers... (do correct me if I am wrong).
It's always great to see people dancing and enjoying themselves :) It was a wednesday night! I didn't think many people would be out but there were quite a few!
Weird how everyone else is super blurry apart from Laf! 
I had to leave pretty soon after that so a picture was in order! I don't know when I'll see him again since I'm leaving the country in 2 weeks! 
There we go! Both smiley haha Can't believe it has been 8 years?! Long time. 

Ps: Check out Lafs full fashion snap  click here


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