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No Need To Fear!

"When you work hard to the point where you truly believe that no ones working harder than you, there's no need to fear"- Jon Jones

I have recently decided I am going to go back to Melbourne! I need to re enroll myself before November 11th I believe and uni starts in March of 2014. I have to get my BA certificate. I didn't complete my project (didn't know I didn't have that particular component that was needed, wasn't on the brief.) and that resulted me having to repeat the course again!

At first I thought I'll work and then see what happens but now! I feel it is a must to go back and finish it off! It is $3000AU and I have to take in rent etc I think I need $5000AU. So much money for me!  I think I'm on the right track! Not so scared anymore about whats going to happen. My plan is to go back work and study, won't be terrible since it's only one course. I'll do  freelance work as well and pay back my loan!

Also I am really looking forward to being back, get a cheaper share house near uni and work, organize my life really well and then I'll feel extra complete! :) 6 Months is awesome! Just like when I went on exchange but this time going to see my friends again! I can't wait to go back and work on my street fashion photography! I miss it so much! Since losing my battery and charger (Might have left it in Melbourne) haven't been able to work on it here in Taipei!

So far it  has been a few weeks  since I've been working! :) I work 5-10pm as a waitress at a newly opened Japanese restaurant :) and I have just picked up another job from 10:30pm-3am at a spicy snack bar/ restaurant. Adding to that I also will be working from 11:30-3pm every mon, tuesday, thursdays!

I'm also teaching design every wednesday and just picked up another job on sunday :) I love being productive!

I'm really happy I get a balance of mental and physical labour ;)

Remember to go out there and just do your best!
I really want to fight for my future! :)
I am not afraid to work hard and try try TRY! :)

Sometimes I look back and wish I had done more internships or worked on a conservation project instead of going out with friends all summer and winter. Athough I took part time jobs here and there but I often worked for family, apart from tutoring English.

I dont have regrets though, I really learnt some valuble lessons and gained great memories and insight. Which have helped me acomplish the goals I have set for myself along the way. 

So I want to say, maybe I could have done certain things sooner but I’m doing them bit by bit but everytime with enthusiasm and passion that is the most important. Maturity takes time and I’ve felt that since being true to myself and what I’m capable of at the time I dont feel drained, I dont look back and feel “man I wish I had more fun!” I planned for myself to work hard in my 20s especially after I finish university and that is what I am doing.

I was given lots of advantages while growing up and I’m grateful, its time to give back, as much as I can. I think its alright to not know how things work or how to work at certain places but we can always learn how! It is important to be open to new opportunities, important to keep learning. 

Good luck to everyone on their journey! :)


*Please keep in mind that I understand I did not have the worst and hardest financial "life" growing up, I know that, please don't think I am being big headed, I really just want to tell people who grew up similar to me who haven't worked much in their life that it is ok to start now, don't ever be ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions, ask for help and keep fighting for our futures. It's important to be self dependable, even though being sheltered is a blessing we need to learn to fend for ourselves. We all do, some people just start earlier than others and that in a way is also a blessing. Which ever stage you are on, just do your best! If you truly work hard at whatever you do there is no need to fear, you can build up the quality of your life little by little.

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