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Saturday: My day at "MAJI SQUARE"

Finally Saturday! Been working non stop the whole week, was extremely tired, so I had to go out for a stroll on my kind of a day off. I still had work at 7pm! I visited Maji Square today! It is so close to my house! Didn't realize that before! Everything is super close I found lots of cool things along the way!

Where I live is famous for wedding photography! But what I didn't know was that there are cool new quirky wedding photography studios, not just the mainstream stuff! 

Then I found some new Philippino grocery stores, super excited cause they offer some wonderful snacks and everything is written in English haha
Then I reached Maji Square!
This place was where they held the Flora Expo a few years back! Such a great outdoor green space!
So cool and so scary haha 
I found out more about the local artist scene here in Taipei! There are lots of underground talents just waiting to be shared with you all! 
Boo! Happy Halloween! How crazy it is around that time of the year again! I don't feel like dressing up at all this year! Which is strange cause I love that stuff! I might be going to Massive though! hehe will be fun fun! 
HOw cute! Felt animal pendents and random stuff!

I purchased this bracelet from Febbi! She's got a growing popularity already with a fan base of thousand something people! She should make an etsy shop! She's going to be big, I know it! Love her works :) Here's her link 
I'm falling in love with Taipei more and more. It's becoming greener, cleaner, more sustainable and the creatives scene is getting bigger too! I really love it! You'll see daily snaps on my fb page! Don't forget to keep updated by liking :) Facebook/HeyLiao! 

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