"I don't post too much, I post just enough." | HEY LIAO!: "I don't post too much, I post just enough."


"I don't post too much, I post just enough."

illustration by: Madi

"As far as I know people who think differently, who want to make a difference in this world have to go through rejection, LOTS OF IT."

People who reject you for your expressive and public speeches, expressions which do not harm instead encourage growth and open minded thinking simply do not understand what you are trying to express. In other words you and them are on completely different wave lengths, it's like you are speaking something alien and dangerous. The unknown is always feared..

I follow upworthy on facebook and whenever they post something meaningful (which is always) you check out the comments that individuals post and you always get that drainer! ALWAYS! I guess in a way we have to be happy that someone posts the complete opposite to what the article is really talking about. They ask narrow minded questions which they "think" are very "realistic questions" such as, "Isn't what you all want just a Utopia?, how naive" they don't understand the main point of the whole article. It gets everyone else worked up because naturally people who follow upworthy are passionate about making a difference and the community finds it part of their responsibility to explain what the article is saying. It's good to have a comparison so that   people have a perfect example of narrow minded thinking.

I know for myself , I try my best to be respectful, and do not express things in a barbaric, rude, condescending manner instead I write my thoughts out respectfully, at least I try to. I write a lot and I update my status's which are  my thoughts and general observations.

I constantly think, and ask myself if I am doing the "right" thing.  Not just for me but as a whole. If there is a balance in my actions. What I've observed is that many people just do what is "supposed" to be right. We aren't perfect, we can make mistakes, we do make mistakes but we should try to change to be better and not just follow the "system". 

There wouldn't be so many deaths in the world if more people can think and make up their own minds. If they just wanted to help cause they can. There wouldn't be so much suffering if more people made it part of their happiness and responsibility to make the world a better place. This can only be done by self reflecting asking one self what is truly meaningful and if their actions are harmful to others? Weighing out the pros and cons.

Constantly throughout history "rebels" have been rejected for their "outrageous thoughts" which aren't really so outrageous. All they want is just to be noticed and heard because for some strange reason society shuts them up. In rebels I mean people who reject the "normal way of thinking" and is expressing something different.

Back in the day and "now" rebels were/are accused of being witches, criminals, accused of being satanic, accused of being wrong and not knowing better, accused of being naive. 

The real demons are the ones who seem innocent who point fingers subtly. No one even notices their behavior. People are so blinded by money that they forget the true importance of being human. I ask you now, if someone at school were to be bullied are you just going to sit there and not do anything, fearing what may happen to you, possibility of getting shunned or outcasted because that bully may be popular? My dears, it is not only in school this happens. It happens through every stage of your precious lives and if you are not willing to stand up for what is right, you don't truly have a voice. 

I am one of those people who post extremely "controversial" subjects especially regarding animal cruelty. I have gotten comments like "You post too much", "I don't want to see it, thats horrible!", "Come on it's not like you can change the world".

Well my answer to all of them is!

Maybe I can't "change the world alone" but I'm part of the community which can and will! 

I don't post too much, I post just enough. I am just one person in this world, there are many people who are fighting for cruelty to stop, much more than I am but I would like to be part of the effort and give my share and duty. We need each other, one can not accomplish without the power of others. I am just writing and sharing something that I think is important. It's not like I force it down peoples throats to not buy fur and hate on people who eat exotic cuisine, I'd prefer they not but I naturally don't associate myself with those kinds of people anyway. We are just different. I don't tell people not to "enjoy their lives" I just put the cruelty information out there and hope they have a conscience. If my forwarded cruelty images are too horrible to look at then I suggested people to  block my posts, I do want to say however that people talk about the harshness of humanity and that I should stop being naive about the world. I say to them you stop being naive, these horrible things do happen, just because you shut your computer screen off it doesn't make any of it better. I have the right to share, because some people may not know about the truth. Yes everyone has a life full of their own troubles, but don't try to make excuses about you not being able to make a difference and you not being part of the problem. It's as if you don't have a choice of choosing right and wrong.

We all have a path in the world, we can choose and WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I don't believe in cruelty to any living organism. Cruelty is an unnecessary act, an infliction of pain that is not justified.

People often come up with excuses that make themselves better for their selfish deeds "everyone does it"  but you can't excuse these deeds. For example the milk industry, I read this article about a part time worker who was working for a dairy farm. She thought it would be a wonderful experience to work with mother cows and milk them lovingly but she was whacked into reality. The owner was brutal to these mother cows, bullying them, kicking them and doing other horrible things! It is not called for!

I think drinking milk isn't bad but the bullying is bad! It's wrong! How dare you treat these animals like they don't mean anything! They have a soul and feelings and feel pain. This is rubbish and no one can excuse themselves for their bullying! It does not bring any benefits to anyone! Some people say it's not their fault everyone wants to make a living! YOU DON'T MAKE A LIVING OUT OF BULLYING!

YET THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING! The more people bully innocents the more money they make! It is a disgusting system!

"Shark is full of MERCURY 
(Which is TOXIC)"

Eating Shark fin soup for example or Foi gras is a "traditional delicacy" one from China and one from France. IT DOESN'T MAKE THOSE RIGHT TO EAT. I say screw tradition sometimes! WHY? Because it's the RIGHT thing to do. This is how I process it. First of all Shark fin, is it really healthy? Is it really that tasty. Shark fin is cooked in Chicken broth! CHICKEN BROTH. Now I ask you isn't the yummy taste you are tasting just chicken soup and vegetables with some added noodle like things (Shark fin). Do you know how much energy it takes to make the shark fin (which is Cartilage) soft and manageable? The hours of cooking it so that there is none of that fishy smell? Shark meat is not even healthy let alone it's fin! Shark is full of MERCURY (Which is TOXIC) and is this dish really worth the suffering and killing of that many sharks? Who for goodness sake gets their fin chopped off and dumped back in the ocean. Shark is one of the oceans key stone species, do you realize how many other sea life will suffer if sharks go extinct?

So now let us weigh the pros and cons. Shark extinction means other marine life goes to crap, which = BIG CRAP FOR HUMANS! So is tasty shark fin soup, which is really just chicken soup. More important than the wellbeing of our marine life and humans? 

Fois Gras SAME THING. Isn't Fois Gra just Fatty Goose Liver? Yes it is a French delicacy and sold at extremely high end restaurants. Have you seen how it is made. These Goose have to be stuffed till they get Fatty Liver. FATTY LIVER is a DISEASE.

illustration by: Noamweiner

"I am no extremist" 

I am no extremist it all boils down to what is right and wrong. I do not believe in many of the things PETA does for example, and I am not someone who says you eating meat means you will go to hell. But Farming cruelty, Circus cruelty, cruelty in beauty, and other kinds of cruelty all need to be stopped and I'm sure you'd all agree that cruelty is just not needed!  So if spreading awareness to people regarding these matters makes people delete me off their friends list, find me annoying than I am pretty happy to say, go ahead and feel all that negativity towards me, it doesn't affect me because I believe in my actions. 

In life you have to be brave enough to stand up for what you believe is right, because it is really right and not you being stubborn and arrogant.

I care about my own species as much as I care for the others. Because we are all connected, in a chain, living all together on earth.

Please don't be so naive as to think you aren't part of this cycle. CAUSE YOU ARE.

People who do not want to make a change, please keep it to yourselves. It's bad enough that you don't think about these matters but trying to stop others from speaking up for a good cause is just rude and extremely selfish. It's not like I shut you up when you post random post about gossip and drama. There are more important things in the world. I understand it's great and light hearted to talk about "only the fun stuff" but there is much more to life.

Think about it.



ps. Don't get offended I'm only speaking to you if you feel I am.

*Peta does a lot of extreme acts but living in this world which seem to "reward" selfish, inhuman behavior can make people go crazy and do extreme things! There is always truth in madness. However I do feel we can all work together to reward kind and loving behavior. All extremes can be dangerous, respecting each other and our other inhabitants on this planet should be our main focus.

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