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I found this quote from an Unknown Author reposted by one of the pages I follow on Facebook. I could immediately relate to these thoughts. For as long as I can remember I've always been happy to spread awareness not because I love seeing tortured animals (like what some people down there might think! But because I was so shocked and upset, but came to appreciate the hard work and amount of courage others plucked up to click the "share" button.

Their drive? they want a  change for these innocent lives that are being mistreated and abused. I too wanted to help support their good intentions and I too don't want to see these animals being treated this way. I believe that through awareness spreading sharing of these very real images can trigger something inside all of us. Wether it may be feeling "we must change this" or simply "this should not go on let me find a way to stop this". At least it triggers something, where as if we never shared this information people who would care and would do something might never even think about this issue. I know I didn't think about these issues until I started researching and the trigger for me to stand up and spread awareness was seeing the horrific reality.

I was sadly disappointed many times when I posted these images on my Facebook wall. The amount of support was very minimal and I realized and felt that I was invading other peoples lives, taking away their happy days on Facebook, bombarding them with things that are depressing and sad. Then it happened. I was being selfish. 

I was being selfish because all I'm thinking was about how others were viewing ME in terms of spreading the truth. When it's not about that at all and there was nothing for me to feel bad for! This issue is so big, we are all connected to this topic wether we like it or not. Some face it, some spread awareness, some do nothing but some want to shut others up for spreading awareness. 

That is not ok for me. 

The selfish part of all this is the majority of people don't stop and think about these animals. That our focus should be on them. That they are so innocent and don't deserve to be abused this way. That bullies no matter what kind should be stopped. That if we all tried we can make a difference we can. That these beautiful beings need our love too. Yes we all have troubles in our lives but we owe it to these animals that we can possess many of the "luxuries" that we do today. Don't you think we should give it our all to at least stop them from being hurt and abused? No living animal should be abused. Eaten yes if it's for food just like in the wild I don't think it's a problem that natives hunt for their meat then eat it. The rest of us living in the modern environment aren't natives we don't have this way of life but at least we can learn from them to appreciate life. To say thank you back to nature and not be selfish! Not a single time I see in nature abuse. Nature takes and gives back, its a circle of life. We just take and take! 

The problem here is the abuse and mistreatment of lives. Of innocent lives. 
This can never be justified. 

Read these replies from people on Facebook and give it a think. 

I disagree. Seeing tortured animals doesn't raise awareness. It just shocks and rupulses people who are against it. And is a sick thrill to those who like that sort of thing.- 25 likes

 i like my steak with aside of fear...- 2 likes

Or maybe we just don't care!- 2 likes

Most pictures of those horrendous pictures are fake and just designed to get likes and or hits on a specific page

And exactly how do we do that? We can't even stop the violence amongst ourselves. In America guns seem to solve problems really effectively. Do we take to the streets? Up in arms? Risk going to jail when we have a 4 year old to take care of at home? How is my son going to grow up without me being around? Dad in jail. He's going to grow up being violent against other humans. So,I fail either way.

Ahaha go fuck yourself- 1 like

 Pictures breed that type of behavior, so eliminating pics at least reduces the violence, and that's a good thing.

f you want people to do something about it you have to stop depressing them with pictures of tortured souls. It's hard sometimes for me to be happy because of the environment I live in and sometimes I will be feeling great and then I will see one of these depressing pics and it is depressing! I know violence exists. I don't need to be reminded of it constantly. I do my part to end violence. I don't work in animal shelters or anything because I can't emotionally do it at this point in my life. Lots of people struggle with their own pain. Adding on the pain of helpless animals may actually hinder those who are working hard to remove their own pain. I can't give you a drink of water unless I have water to give; reminding me of the thirsty people in this world will not get me any closer to filling my own cup in order to help

 Don't get me wrong I love animals and I take very good care of the ones I own, but honestly a little more concerned with mistreatment of people than animals, just being honest

People first.


I read every single one of these comments! You know what they all have in common, lack of thought and are completely selfish! 

This one I really want to address. "If you want people to do something about it you have to stop depressing them". First of all what does this mean? Obviously this person doesn't get understand the main point. People aren't deliberately sharing horrendous animal images for self gain! They are depressed themselves and so extremely helpless, the only way they can have an impact if any on a grander scale is by spreading awareness because the more people that see it the higher the percentage of people acting upon the cruelty! One person can not achieve as much as say 10 people who are fighting for a cause together! 

She then goes on to speak about violence and it existing and then says how she doesn't work at animals shelters because she can't emotionally deal with it. This lady is living in dream land! I can totally understand when people feel extreme sadness when seeing cruelty but does she think others don't feel depressed!? Of course we do! But we face it because it's not just about us being depressed or not! These animals are being tortured! This topic is bigger than any of us! Though it was not us who tortured these innocent lives, we not doing anything to help stop the cruelty is bad enough! Just a click of the button to share you can't even do?! 

What if this image was able to reach a very important figure who didn't know of all this cruelty but since knowing decided to act upon this and the outcome was many tortured souls being saved!? Did you ever think about that?!

The whole thing is about YOU, YOUR PAIN, YOU FEEL LIKE THIS, YOUR DEPRESSED, Woman open your eyes to the world because you are in this world, part of it! 

I'll tell you something right now. NO matter how small or large your input was it all adds to the positive energy of the ones who want to make a change. Your energy is not wasted, your prayers are not wasted and if all you can think about is your suffering, that you do not have water to share then that is your world. You have already binded yourself to the idea of not being able to give because you don't have enough. 

This other comment which says "Pictures breed that type of behavior so eliminating the pics at least reduces the violence, and that's a good thing". What is this? Pictures breed this type of behavior!? Pictures bring awareness, the viewer sees it they react! Many people have learnt about world news from Social Media! So if you are to see gay media online you are going to turn gay? What the heck is this? Completely ridiculous, people act accordingly to what they believe is right, what is this "breed". 

"Most of those pictures are fake and just want likes?" I want to know where it is that you get this information. I know that you might know some people with extremely boring lives but animal cruelty exists, do you think these animals are put on makeup and fake blood, they hire an actor to do these things and plan out the whole thing? SERIOUS OR NOT? Of course there may be some lies but fur cruelty! 
Down, Fois Gras, Shark fin, wildlife cruelty, children exploitation etc etc are REAL! 

I don't know if people are just making excuses to feel better about all this sadness, they sound like those heartless greedy humans that tell others that "no dear the fact is there is no global warming, it's complete nonsense and the world is not changing you are thinking too much! It's all hoax lets have a cup of coffee and talk about Kylies fake nose" (because it's so much more "interesting" and needs to be shared.) 

And these stupid mindless comments 

"I like my steak with aside of fear"
"people first"
"maybe we just don't care"
"ahha go fuck yourself"

These thoughts are the biggest shame of all. It's so incredibly disgusting and I feel sorry for these individuals they are so far from their inner beings, so un connected it's sad! 

I normally don't do these types of post where I actually repost comments that make me want to speak up.  I understand that many feel there is no need to talk to people who don't know better or that it is a waste of time but I think it's about time to speak up against these selfish thoughts. Maybe it's because the internet is overrun by this selfish narrow mindedness that people think it's "ehh not a biggy" but it is because these people who are narrow minded need to be spoken to so they don't keep thinking they are smart as. Look at all that big headed and stupid commenting! *Shiver me timbers* 

Also if these people can post their thoughts so can I! I'm sick of reading nonsense.


*On a side note: I am really happy we all have the luxury that internet offers us and social media. Through social media I have learnt about so much, gained so much insight on things that I never knew I cared about and opened my eyes to new possibilities to help out. I can only do so much now but I will do it and will keep doing and helping. I will not stop because we are all connected and I believe giving my share and others giving theirs can bring a positive impact. We as a team can help our beautiful world. 

I'm also happy I can see blatantly the kinds of people we have in this world. Their words really show who they are as a person (at least in this moment of their life. I hope the internet re educates them to see that they are not alone and they can do so much if they just tried like everyone else). 

I also see a big change coming, I love that so many people do stand up for what is right! Not because it's the easy thing to do but because they believe in making a difference! I cheers to positive change and open mindedness! :) 

Here was my reply to the post.

People on here that keep saying "people are more important I care more about people". Sorry to break it to you but WE NEED ANIMALS! WE NEED THEM IN OUR LIVES! WE NEED NATURE TO INSPIRE US! That is a fact. Do you know how many africans die from protecting wildlife? Wildlife brings tourism! Tourism = money for food and education! If it wasn't for many people on here who spread the horrible images of killings and tragedies who the heck knows that elephants are going to be extinct in 25 years!? (This is just one example) Animals don't need to be tortured and treated badly, the only way is to share horrific images in hope that more people will see this horrible cruelty and act upon it! Before I saw these real images I didn't know shit! I didn't know it was this bad! Who KNEW?! Now that we do know we should try our best to stop this violence! We should spread far and wide and help save more innocent lives! For those of you who wrote "These pictures are horrible and I think its for sick attention" ATTENTION? Yes these animals deserve all the attention in the world! For all the pain that many humans have inflicted on them. How can we say we care when we can't even share to spread awareness? You stopping the violent pictures is shutting the voices of these animals up. The only way to get more attention on these issues is to share on the internet because this is where us "normal folks" have power! Any other way we fail because big rich folk who don't give a crap will shut us up fast! Also I'd just like to add! We humans can't even pay for all the gifts nature has given us, has offered us at least we can give them the respect they deserve! Cause it's about damn time!

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