Venice was a great place. My 7 day photography trip was a heck of an experience. I have just these pictures to share for now :) My thoughts will come later once  I know how to write without being overly "cheesy". Venice yay!

"It wouldn't be Venice without the "GONDOLA" :) 
"It wouldn't be Venice without the "GONDOLA" :) I was lucky enough to get a ride! :) I didn't pay for it too,  I was offered because one of the Gondola folk said to me "hey I'm not busy if you want you can take a ride and take photos for your project".  So I did! I was very happy cause I didn't think I'd get that kind of chance since I was a very poor student! That was very nice of him. I'm very grateful!"
My first time seeing an olive tree and seeing raw olives on the floor. I was so memorized by it's beauty. There is something truly magnificent about the olive plant and fruit. I can't explain it just elegant and gracious. 
It's hard to not feel happy when the sky is so blue and the weather is so great! 
I loved walking along the alley ways not knowing where I was headed then I end up some place like this. The sun setting gently and the silhouettes of these buildings popping out. It's beautiful. 
Ti Voglio Bene <3

photo taken in Venice Winter 2012  
I really miss Italy as a whole.
While I was in Italy I really felt happy, people are so expressive and warm. I especially love the phrase Ti Voglio Bene because love should be expressed and not hidden, I think the Italians are very good at that :)

Other fun stuff...
This kid was hilarious! She first walked around the mannequin man then she went to check out the fake pool and she then ended up on his lap! *image taken at Frankfurt Hahn Airport
lol "F*ck the cool" ironic :)
Snack find! LOVE Cheesy Maize snacks!!!! When I was a kid, back when I lived in Joburg my gran 
used to be in love with these! I found a similar snack in Venice! hehe so nostalgic! 

Friends in Venice.
Thanks for a wonderful experience Venice :) xx

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