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My Most Loved Cam Apps!

Grid: Pic Frame
I know there are many photo grid type apps but Pic Frame is simple to use and the
upgrades are great! It's very straight forward! My go to app when I want a good grid ;)
ps. You also have a mini photo effects editor, you can add labels and you can flip your
pics all in one place! Super handy!

Toy Cams in one: Pudding Cam
A Korean invention! The pudding cam app was originally all Korean but since going
viral they changed the language to English! Very international market friendly :)
Such a fun app! You can change the "film" and "Toy cam" of your choice
simultaneously, photos turn out lovely!

Great Filters: Leme Cam
I enjoy this app it is easy to use and adds to the fun-ness of taking pictures!
Filters are the best part of this app! :) 

The Whole Package: Camera +
Camera + is my holy grail cam app! It has filters, frames, a choice to add on
effects, picture mode (Night, sunset, portrait etc.), crop tool.. Trust ME! haha
if you have Camera+ it's really all you need! ;)

I recently saw it's upgraded version too and I wish so badly I had the new iphone :(
but even with my Iphone 4 it still works fantastic! It's a wonderful editor! 

Best for Quotes/ Inspiration: Pic Lab
This app is great when you want to transform your own quotes into a beautifully
crafted inspiration pic. There are heaps of these types of apps but this one's
easy to navigate and use ;) 

Fun stuff: Incredibooth (Vintage Photo booth) / Shake It Photo (Vintage Polaroid)

*Incredibooth is so much fun to use, who doesn't love taking photos in an old vintage
photobooth? Perfect app for when you are with friends! There is a timer that beeps
just like the real thing! There are also 4 filters to choose from! 

*Shake it photo is the equivalent of a vintage polaroid! The process is the same, you
take a snap and the polaroid gets developed and you can shake or wait for it to process! 

Airbrushed Skin: More Beaute app is a really great app for those days where you look kinda
dull or when you want face brightening and a "makeup" boost. This app makes
your skin look airbrushed and bright! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my Most Loved Cam Apps post! 
Please share with me your favorites! I'd love to see! 

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