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A better Future.

Nature's treasures by Tamsin Nagel

"Acknowledge the Past but focus on creating a better future!"

Doing the right thing is tough, tedious, "difficult" (sometimes) but it makes all the difference in the long term. 

Tradition and history is part of who we are, each and every one of our ancestral backgrounds are different, we must accept it. Accept our families have their problems, countries have their issues, however remember  to not let the mistakes and arguments from the last generation come in the way of what can become.

Remember that we are the voices of our new generation. We can change our futures. I am not only speaking about the wars and conflicts currently happening in the world. I am speaking about our lives. We have the power to make a difference, with our votes, with our actions, with our choices, and with our words.

I believe in honesty always, if the situation has gotten out of hand, yes maybe it's a taboo to say the truth and apologize for your mistakes, and yes people may look down on you, but don't forget all the people who will forgive you. Don't let ego and pride's importance block and shadow the good in you.

Don't ever let fear win. Defeat the things you are scared of with courage and truth.

Good luck! Don't lose faith! Have the confidence to fight for what you believe in and what will benefit the earth.

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears"- Nelson 

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