I watched this, listened to the lyrics with tears streaming down my face. So incredibly touched by this movement. So incredibly touched by the strength of the Taiwanese people who protested for 12 days, incredibly touched by all the strength given by families, friends, police officers, doctors, teachers from all over the world and even one of our previous presidents. All the love and care which I have witnessed during these 12 days will forever live inside me.

Taiwan is heading towards the right direction, getting smarter, brighter and more loving. I am a Taiwanese myself, and to see this new generation fighting for democracy in such an intelligent and peaceful way really inspires me.

I believe in democracy, in the rights of the people. There will always be the powerful (trying) dictating the lives of the people, there will always be abuse of power but let them forever remember that when peaceful and intelligent people get together you can never ruin their hearts and spirit. They can never ruin our hearts and spirit.

Amazing love was shown during these 12 days, especially 30/3!

Sunflower Movement 18/3-30/3 2014.
New Month, New Beginning, keep fighting for Transparency, Peace, Freedom and Love!
Keep loving Taiwan Right!
Jiayo! Democratic Taiwan!


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