I was browsing many of my favorite blogs and decided to start reading from each of their first posts. Gradually as I read, there was development, change, growth and so on. It made me think about our lives. Each of us are living our journey, everyone started from some place, started from scratch.

I think many of us forget how much hard work, passion, determination is put in, to achieve "fame" status. We often notice "more" of the already "popular/famous" people rather than people who don't have a following. We say things like "so lucky", "they have an amazing stylist to look like that", "they are packaged perfectly", but it's not "always" like that, many people used their solid passion, determination and drive to get to where they are right now.


I recently came across  Margaret Zhang's blog "Shine by Three". I had never stumbled upon it  until now! I wonder why? Her blog is beautiful, so well crafted and written!  Margaret does interviews,  modeling, shoots photography, does styling and much more. I read one of her interviews and found out that she started blogging when she was 16, she used to just make collages and share her favorite art finds, then her blog just slowly grew and took shape.  She's only 21 years old now and already so far ahead. I'm super impressed by people like this because, knowing what you want at such a young age is awesome. It means you have more time to do what you love!  To keep building and developing that talent and passion!

She has gone on to interview Georgia May Jagger, Roberto Cavalli, is part of IMG talent (read here) and much more.

The Hanson brothers are the same! Loved Music, started writing their songs at a young age 11, 16, 21 to be exact, look at them now! Still super passionate about their music, not only has their music grown with their years of experience and age, they also married young but they knew what they wanted early! Now they can spend more years creating more experiences with their families by their sides doing what they love.

Their projects include:  Take The Walk (Non for Profit) walking barefoot to raise awareness, support the fight against HIV/AIDS and Poverty in Africa. They also started a beer brand dedicated to their very first song "Mmmbop".

Dr, Seuss, Walt Disney, JK Rowling, J.R.R Tolkien started developing their stories and ideas, immersing themselves in their imaginary world! They all started with an idea, that grew and matured. Even though it never worked out right from the start, they never gave up and now their stories and dreams are passed on from generation to generation.

I really have to thank social media. I have found some seriously cool people on the internet, Dana Fox from Wonderforest! She's another very inspirational person! She decided early on that Design school wasn't for her, she studied fine arts  learnt coding herself,  started her career on Myspace as a company working for mega companies. Learnt how to build sites and layouts all by herself, there weren't all these hacks and tools available online. Now she is still building sites, layouts, creating apps, games list goes on.

Kristina Bazan and James Chardon from Kature! Couple duo helping each other grow in the fashion industry. Kristina loved fashion and James loved photography. Kristina was introduced to the fashion community by James, he encouraged her to pursue her dreams in fashion and acts as her photographer. (Is her photographer), she models for Kature and is now working with some of the most famous fashion power houses from around the world! Started only at age 16! Look at them now, just a few years later and they've accomplished so much! They are now a mega team, the Kature team. They inspire so many people from all over the world to do what they love. People are always surprised to see that they started out with no experiences just raw passion! It truly  shows that determination is everything! Kristina is now also pursuing her dream in music.

Pomplamoose music! This couple is amazing! They started on Youtube (still there so you can subscribe) , sharing their covers in a creative way! Their creativity and team work never stops surprising! They have gained over 421,912 fans! Is currently on a tour. 

Seriously good for all of them!

I really believe that one should never give up on ones dreams! You have this life to pursue them! Why waste this precious time, feeling sorry for yourself and feeling like you are inadequate? All these people can teach us that no matter your age, no matter your race, which era you are born in,  no matter your circumstances, you can make a world for yourself! An Empire!  Everyone has different dreams and aspirations and why compete with each other when you can have your very own kingdom?

What a good day to start making things happen!

Cheers! :)


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