Such a beautiful day! Blue skies all the way to Mount Caramel! I took several photos but I can't fit all of them in this post. Many of the ones I took of the Druze Village are in fact in my iphone, which I will upload shortly after this post has been published. Israel has been a real pleasure so far :) I have enjoyed the sunny days and the blue skies. Weather really affects my mood! 

"The monastery is located atop Mount Caramel. Near the monastery is Carmel chapel, built in 1883. Middle of the chapel rises altar, made up of 12 stones of Mount Caramel in memory of the 12 tribes of Israel. On the walls of the altar laid ceramic caption, which describes the legend. In the monastery garden is a monument to Elijah - the prophet. The Arab name of the monastery "El Muhraka" (Fiery place) - the sacrifice the prophet Elijah. 

According to the, at this point, the fight took place between the prophet Ilia god Baal and the prophets. It is here that the Lord has sacrificed the prophet Elijah, set the altar on fire. 

Seeing this, people believe in one God."- original link

I tried to take a photograph of a Druze woman at the village market but was denied because she wanted to keep a low profile. I saw this Druze lady make Pita Druzit. She stretched the dough on a PILLOW! First time I've seen that! 

Gosh don't know what else to say, lets just keep it casual on here :) I tried lots of yummy foods! Pita Druzit, home made olives and for desert I had Kanafeh! So strange! It's like having a sweet Mozzarella "stick" but I throughly enjoyed it! I had my favorite Carrot and Orange juice which was super refreshing! 

Ooo I also wanted to buy a really cute Rug! It was for 110 shekels She insisted it was handmade but I was later told it wasn't. Haha always the same at many markets. I would still buy it though! It was what I was looking for! Probably go back for it before I leave! She was real pushy though that shop lady.

The Monastery was beautiful! The view was gorgeous! I visited the shop and my thoughts were "wow there are "holy perfumes"! lol hey why not! haha they smelled really good! 

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed it!
Come back for more Israeli adventures! :) 

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