Haifa! What is the history of this place? Well according to our beloved Wikipedia! Haifa's settlement history spans more than 3000 years! The earliest known settlements was in the late bronze age! (14th Century BCE). Over the centuries, this city has changed rulers; conquered and ruled by the Phoenicians, Persians, Hasmoneans, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans, British and now the Israelis. 

Haifa is a city built on Mount Carmel's slope! Currently it is the largest city on the north of Israel and the third largest in the country. Haifa was known as a dye making centre but now it acts as a major seaport, located on Israel's Mediterranean coastline.

" Mount Carmel and the Kishon River are also mentioned in the Bible.[22][23] A grotto on the top of Mount Carmel is known as the "Cave of Elijah", traditionally linked to the Prophet Elijah and his apprentice, Elisha.[22] In Arabic, the highest peak of the Carmel range is called the Muhraka, or "place of burning," harking back to the burnt offerings and sacrifices there in Canaanite and early Israelite times[24]"


My real "visit" of Haifa began at Carmelit! Carmelit is the subways name! Meaning "Mount Carmel!" This is the only subway in the whole of Israel! It was built in 1956 and finally started running in 1959. Due to renovations, Carmelit sadly closed in 1986. Then restarted it's service in the year 1992 on the month of September. 

Carmelit is one of the smallest subway lines in the world! With only 6 stations, up and down the Mount Carmel Mountain. Unfortunately due to where the stops are located very few people know of its existence and this subway is used lightly.

This stop where I took off from is known to be a very nice place in Haifa [Masada Street], due to it's large student population. The rent here is much lower than the other parts of the city and people are friendly and inviting. The feeling was like a student town, with many cool pubs and cafes, people relaxing outside, it was a good vibe! (You can see a lot of street art and Graffiti).


At first glance, it reminded me of the inner London Tube Line. For some reason the vibe really reflected this as well. Everything was very "Petite". We were even discussing if it was the British who had built this (after research it was in fact built after the British occupation lol!) There were many experts which came to help with the construction but eventually it was a French company that completed it! 

"The city of Haifa plays an important role in Israel's economy. It is home to Matam, one of the oldest and largest high-tech parks in the country.[6] Haifa Bay is a center of heavy industry, petroleum refining and chemical processing."-> Thanks wiki ;)
Was interesting for me to see pets allowed to openly ride the subway, back in Taipei pets are only allowed to ride if they are carried in dog carriages or bags.


I was hearing about these "mini bus's"! I finally spotted one! This was another thing that made me all excited lol, Back in Taipei "mini bus's weren't structured like the large bus's where you go in get your ticket then sit down. In Taipei they look more like Large Taxis (The Seats Especially). This "mini bus" was literally a mini bus, everything a big bus has but miniature! 


In Israel you find cats everywhere! They are relaxing all over the place. Ohh you kitties have it good! :)
What you are seeing here is the Bahai Gardens and Golden Dome, the second most holiest place for the Bahai. Designed by the founder of the faith for his son in 1981, it was only completed several years later by his sons great grandson. Today these gardens act as a tourist attraction bringing people from all over the world when they visit the city of Haifa. Tourist may only enter these premises with a guided tour. Due to the popularity of this place we were told to arrive one hour earlier than the given time. 
While I was photographing the crow these two smiled at me,  I made a sign that I wanted a picture of them! :) They looked really sweet :) 
Usually we see people feeding Pigeons! I rarely see people feeding Crows (Where I've lived, I mean.) Crows are actually very intelligent and loving animals. They are just depicted on television as "evil". I used to be so scared of Crows lol... (not pleased.)
I tried to look up why this statue is here, I couldn't find anything! Tell me if you know :) Was cool to see her here :P

Time to exit!
That's all for today! :) I hope you enjoyed the post!
Next Post will be on cows! haha

ps! I went to this pub/bar thing called Syrup! 
I heard this band called the Pelvis's! Even though
I didn't understand a word of what they sang! 
I loved the vibe! 
Cool band! :) 

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