I'm SO HAPPY! Cause I have DEAD SEA mud on my body! Natural SPA treatment! Sadly it wasn't all glorious like in those SPA videos! The mud got in my eyes! It stung so bad haha... but the scenery was breathtaking and I got to float! Come check out the photographs with me! :) 

(Salt crystals and stones)
(Dead Sea Mud)

What an amazing experience! The scenery was so so beautiful, just like the photographs but better of course! The natural light and landscape. While I was floating I had my sunglass on to protect my eyes cause I was wearing contact lenses but also to make sure I can see! It was so hot! I think it was 60 degrees! I took them off at one point and the sun really blinded me. All I could see was pinkish/bluish mountains but really saturated. My boyfriend and I also purchased some water Jellies. Those see through shoes  at the top. They're super cute (will be wearing them in Eilat). I was with a tour company (good group less than 10 people) but  still felt a bit rushed, only had 30 mins to enjoy the water. It's hard to get here without a car *sadly. Also keep in mind, you don't get the mud from the ocean floor, they leave buckets of mud for application close by the beach.

From the tour I also learnt that Israeli beauty brand AHAVA is the only company certified for extracting Dead Sea minerals without harming the natural ecosystem. That's something good to know!

Only Float: Salt is extremely harsh to the eyes.
Wash with clean water  if you do get the water in your eyes. Never rub.
Dead sea water extremely good for skin so if you have scars be patient and let it sting (it will heal you).
Put on Dead sea mud for natural sun protection
Choose to go around 5pm or later :) (OR very early morning).

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
See you soon!

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