I'm heading back to Taipei in a week and started thinking about the weather. Taipei rains a lot! Hello sub tropical country. In the summer -> winter and all seasons between! I don't like it when my shoes get all wet and soggy so I've been wanting to collect a few key pieces to stop feeling "feet" gloomy. Here are a bunch of my top picks for the rainy days! Check em out!

1. One of my favorites are these booties by Vivienne Westwood, her  VW Riding Boot Gold Metallic. Usual rain boots are black, so these standout! It also reminds me a little burberry (classy) but with Vivienne's funky vibe!

2. Jason Wu! Oh yes, it is this shoe JW Magna Cream! The combination of street funk and class. Perfect for pairing with dresses, shorts, pants or leggings! Gorgeous cream colour without being difficult to maintain. A summer and spring shoe! I know summers ending but it's ok cause this shoe will last a while, the next season and the next + it goes with everything!

3. Another Vivienne favorite! Necklace black/ Black Gloss. Ohh lala! These are so perfect for everything! Black shoes are a must! These boots are great because it's a 4 season shoe! I also like that there are "two" ways to "wear" these, makes it dynamic. It's one of those staple ankle booties one should have.

4. A rain shoe for a girls night out or a date? No longer are those night out a big gloom because of rain! Pedro Lourenco's No. 1 Black are perfect, sexy and totally on trend. With a mid length heel you can walk nicely in the slippery rain without trouble and when you get home leave it to dry :) No fuss!

5. The best for last, a staple in my shoe collection! Flats! Don't you just love em? Wear them grocery shopping, running errands, work, school and play! Flats can make any rainy weather good! They are comfortable, stylish and versatile, now waterproof too! Another big cheer to Vivienne Westwoods design! The VW Divine 2 Black. I adore this simple but very delicately crafted shape with her signature logo. A very perfect pair of flats.

All Melissa Shoes are waterproof (so huge collection of rain friendlies to choose from!) adding to that, the designers they collaborate with are the very best! Ahh gotta get me some of these! Hope you found some likes!

See you in the next post! xx

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