Wearing// dress from Taipei Taiwan, Shoes from local market in Taipei. Face// Nouveau Organica

Boats, seaside and cool breeze calls for something light and comfy. Today we didn't plan to swim so I thought I would lose my flip flops and wear my comfy white shoes instead. I can never remember all the clothing terms. I decided to keep my face nice and simple, still absolutely loving my Nouveau Organica palette which I need to make a review sigh* I'm so angry with myself that I haven't done it yet. The day was again beautiful, I really enjoy the sun! To be completely honest back in Taipei I dread the sun! I hate being in it because it's so uncomfortable, humid + adding on some  crazy sun rays it's a true disaster waiting to happen. 

Arkady is absolutely in love with boats, you know what happens when your best half loves something? You get influenced and end up kinda loving it too! hehe I hope to one day sail on a cute boat and visit different islands, that would be a really fun, adrenaline packed adventure.

Until next time! xx

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