Today I'll be taking you along with me on my camel ranch sunset tour. Very friendly camels and wonderful scenery of the Israeli desert. Join me on this relaxing journey. 

Another trip advisor find, I was told to stay away from camels before arriving in Israel, something about the milk? Anyways we are in Eilat so we must visit the desert. The best option we had due to the lack of budget and time was to do a 2 hour sunset tour. Arkady and I thought it would be fun and relaxing + we get to try desert brewed herbal tea and local snacks. 
Before meeting the camels I couldn't help but wander around the ranch. I met these adorable goats! I finally got to see goats! This one was particularly friendly and came up to me for strokies. There were various types of birds and free roaming peacocks as well!
Eventually it was time to meet the camels! This man is one of the camel keepers, you could instantly see that the camels adored him. Lots of kisses! We were told these camels are all female. Females are friendly, they don't spit and they are more obedient. We were taught how to sit on the camels and how to behave around them, basically relax and keep calm.
The journey begins. My camel was a very old lady she was about 25 years old (I think), camels can live for about 40 years but many die earlier due to stomach problems. I was informed that my camel is very obedient and doesn't do "crazy" things but! Ha..she turned out to be a bit of a rebel. As you can see (below) all the camels are joined up together and are supposed to walk relaxingly. 

Mine walked faster and kept bumping into the one in the front. She also went after desert plants whenever she got the chance lol It was quite cute. At first I was a bit tense when she made big movements but then I got used to it and gave her some strokes. Camels are so sweet.
The way one rides a camel is different from the way one rides a horse. With camels you need to keep your balance by placing one leg over the "peg" (excuse for my lack of vocabulary). This way your body is holding on nicely and is allowed to flow with the camels every step.
If you have placed your leg correctly, you can easily lift up your hands without falling. Voila!
Beautiful sunset right? The Sunset in Israel is always beautiful! Pinkish sky's every sunset, without fail.


After getting back to the Ranch the trainers asked each camel to sit and they all did (fast too!). I was very impressed. I usually don't support "animal" type tours but I agreed to this because camels have been working with humans for hundreds of years especially in these lands. I could see that the camel care takers had a good bond and relationship with the camels. I could also feel the calmness and relaxed vibe of each camel. Made me feel really happy and enjoyed this tour.

A few critiques to this particular tour, for two hours I thought we would eventually climb to the top one of the mountains and get to see a real open view of the sunset and surrounding landscape. Unfortunately we walked out made a circle and came back to the ranch and for 150 shekels I would have expected snack in the desert itself and not at the Ranch. On the tour it said that we will be dining at a traditional site (can't remember) but no, just the ranch. Also the display of different kinds of "cheeses" was non existent. None the less the pita bread and tea was still delicious! :) So alls good!

During the trip I thought to myself how amazing it must feel to have a camel best friend, go riding together in the desert! Must train my back though! I'm obviously not fit and never sitting correctly. While riding I was kind of happy we didn't take the 4 hour tour! My back would ache! hehe anyhoos, see you in my next post!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! xx

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