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I just arrived to my home in Israel after a 3 day holiday to Eilat [The Red Sea]. I'm leaving back to Taipei on the 15th. Will be back to my working life! The next day to be exact!  While I was in Eilat I didn't really blog or make videos. I feel a bit frustrated that I can't seem to keep up with my ideas and plans. I have many projects going on at once, people say I am crazy doing so much and I should concentrate on one. They are probably right but I feel like I don't want to stop and abandon any of them. My beauty blog my first blog baby is still there waiting for me to design. I have a bunch of reviews I want to do, which I have promised for a couple months now but ever since arriving in Israel, I haven't found a good time to make a good review. (Feeling terribly guilty..)

I was thinking about my priorities and how life is going to be like back in Taipei. There are some extreme mixed emotions running though my heart and mind that I will share on my blog in the future.. maybe. I hope I  will be ok and time will allow me to heal. 

Right now everything is still very good, I'm happy here with my boyfriend. Relationships are tough, especially when it's not just about you and the one you love. Love is so much more than that, when I was younger I used to think as long as you love it's not hard to get through complications. I know that is still true but as an adult, you have responsibilities, priorities and a future you need to build so that you will be happy in the next part of your life. 

I hope the next chapter of my life is as fruitful as this chapter. 
I'm going to make Hey Liao! One of my top priorities, I love blogging so much.
I hope to whip up some seriously good content that I am proud of. 
Blogging is really hard and time consuming.
But such a pleasure.


I'm half full, I'll be like this for a while I think.
Still much more to experience! 

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