Hello! So I just got back to Taipei about 2 weeks ago! I'm currently re painting/designing my home! So this is an update on my process and what I've learnt!

Honestly I'm not going to lie! It has been my biggest dream to repaint my own home "my living space" but having been renting almost my whole life I could never do this! Finally I'm in Taipei! Luckily the apartment I'm living in is family owned. I'm not sure how long I'll be living in Taipei for but I negotiated with my family about repainting and decorated this apartment so that even when I leave this place it will look new and freshened up. Right now it is an old OLD apartment originally my grandparent's. Everything is really old and some of the lights don't work. I can't wait to show the outcome when it's ready. Will take awhile though.


I am a complete newbie at this! I've painted and decorated shops but this is quite different. I also didn't know much about paint brands so I just went along with the "traditional" Taiwanese ones! Only to learn that what I had been using was totally toxic!

I purchased a water based white paint and some oil paints. The reason I chose the oils was because some of the old doors and cupboard doors were originally painted with oils so I couldn't use a water base on it. I started painting only to feel extreme dizziness and sickness.  I started researching heavily and learnt a whole lot! Here are my findings!


Stay away from VOC based paints! Extremely toxic for your body and the world! VOC stands for it Volatile organic compounds when it gets released into the atmosphere it contributes to global warming. It can cause extreme dizziness and even a little can cause poisoning. Opt for eco friendly and odor free paints. Remember even "water based" paints can be toxic. If your water based turns powdery it is the toxic kind. The powder gets released from the walls slowly and you breathe it in.

A paint company I found that is available in Taipei and world wide is Nippon Paint. A japanese paint company specializing in non toxic paint formulas. I've purchased a base coat paint, matte white and matte black. All I can say is! HUGE life saver! I applied the base as told and the toxic fumes of the oil paints completely disappeared. I was told that many people had the same problems as I did. Many people like myself jump head into DIYing the house without thinking about the paint formulas. Please don't be careless like I was! Take care of your health and totally opt for the eco friendly and safe paints! They are pricier but it is totally worth it! 

I ended up spending 4000nt about 120 dollars and was completely happy and satisfied! I highly recommend Nippon Paint! Their paints come in both matte and gloss finishes and they are both water based! Super easy to clean! + their range of colours is great! A wide range of colours and tints to suite your taste! 

I hope my story has helped you pick safer paints! :)


-In Process-
Bedroom/Studio Space
Living Room
Dining Room and photography studio
Kitchen/ Laundrey
Cooking room

Lots to get through!
Meanwhile I'm giving my home a makeover! I'm still working on tons of other fun Life + Style Posts/Projects! So stay tuned for that! :) See you soon in the next post!

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