Wearing// All clothing pieces apart from the ring is from Rita's Corner Taipei Face// Nouveau Organica Palette 

Hello From Taipei City! For the past 2 months I have been working with Rita's Corner Fashion boutique. We collaborated on "Hello Autumn Taipei" and decided to work more together. This was a look for their Fall / Winter 2014 Lookbook. I had the best time working with Troy Wang Studios. Having full creative control was great! You'll be seeing more of Rita's Corner here on HeyLiao! Hope you enjoyed this look! I was very high up! Scary but the view and sunset was gorgeous!


A year is almost complete again, which means it's going to be Christmas then New Years! It's all quite exciting but so scary too! How fast time flies. A whole bunch of memories accumulated from this year, I visited Israel for the first time, I dived for the first time, camped/enjoyed hikes (haven't done that for a long time!). Worked as a waitress, taught design, Picked plums for charity, then worked at a Design Studio and finally ventured into freelance hood! This year has been quite magnificent. I feel more and more confident about my life and my work. A key ingredient I've learnt this year, is to believe/trust and just keep going! I have many plans for my future and my projects! I hope to keep sharing them with all of you on my blogs!

So grateful for this life I have, this body I am in and very blessed with these opportunities I have received, so fortunate to be surrounded by loving and intelligent individuals. I hope this holiday season is a wonderful time for you. Let go of your worries at least for now and smile! Smile to life! May your day's be Merry and Bright! 

Merry Early Christmas! xx

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