Wearing// All clothing pieces owned by me, Jacket is vintage  Face// Nouveau Organica Palette 

I accidently found this jacket! What a find, it used to belong to my uncle, he didn't want it anymore so I decided to keep it. The vibrant compass pattern is so fun and vibrant! Another family item are these pair of shoes passed down to me by my auntie. I received them while visiting her family in Indonesia a few years ago. All vintage items from the family! My relatives have good taste! I hope I'll find more gems! I enjoyed this photography session a lot, my very good friend Dave was the photographer for this shoot! He is back in the States but when he gets back we will shoot more! He's a pleasure to work with! I really enjoy Taipei' Cities alleys. So vibrant, colourful and rustic which adds to the charm. 

Can you guys believe it is nearing the end of January 2015? I'm really enjoying this new year so far! Lots of cool projects in the making! That article I promised to post up is coming! "How to combine your talents to create a life of excitement and fulfillment"! I'm also writing up a proper posting schedule so there are always new content here on HeyLiao! for viewing! Have an awesome day! See you in the next post! :) 

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