Today I want to share with you guys my day at Zikhron Yaakov! Like any tour, I would like to give you a little background about this cute little town. 

Zikhron Yaakov (Zichron) was founded in 1882 by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. It is part of the district of Haifa, located at the southern end of the Carmel mountain range looking over the mediterranean sea. Currently a must visit destination for both tourists and locals alike. Zikhron is most famous for it's wine which was their main produce/ industry back in 1889 (still is). The winery is now owned by Carmel Mizrahi wineries.
This was the second time I visited Zikhron, the first time I had a terrible choice of "cafe" and ended hungry! Luckily this time Arkady and I decided to dine at Aunt Bertas! They had the famous Shakshuka dish which I've been eager to try! 
Voila! Shakshuka! Tomato based poached eggs, chili peppers, onions and often spiced with cumin. However this particular Aunt Berta's Shakshuka, had olives and mushrooms! It came with pretzel bread! A perfect lunch meal!
After I finished lunch I ventured into the store for a browse! Oh MY! So many delicious goodies! Full of delicious sauces, jams, and wine! 
Blackcurrant Vinaigrette? If there's one thing I love, it is CREATIVITY! That's why I enjoy finding unique sauces from all around the world! This one was an instant hit with me! I just love vinaigrette!
Plum fruit spread! yummy! There was also a Kiwi that isn't shown here! I wanted to buy everything! They had heaps of roast blends and bbq sauces too!
This salt was another cool find! Below Sea Level! From the dead sea! They had some very cool flavours like "smoked salt", "Charcoal" and more!
Honey tasting! All sorts of yummy honey! Beautifully displayed! 
Zikhron is a place full of cute cafes, art shops, galleries and beautiful scenery. 
The walls  filled with plants, vines and flowers! My last look post was taken here at Zikhron! 
I wish Pomegranates were just growing everywhere where I live. In Israel you find it all over the place! Looks so delicious and lovely. The crowned fruit! Look at how plump and red it is! 
Lavido! Did you know that Israel was one of the first countries to  ban Animal testing in beauty products! I'm currently working on Bwe Mag (Beauty. Willpower. Energy) Blogazine! It is part of my Bwe the Promoter's channel on Youtube. Dedicated to the world of cruelty free beauty! 
In the next post! All about Lavido! I have been so busy since it's Lunar New Years here in Taiwan! Hope the ones celebrating are having a nice holiday with the family! I'll see you guys in the next post!

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