Wearing// All clothing pieces owned by me  Face// Nouveau Organica Palette 

One of my favorite places in Israel, Zikron Ya'akov. The cute and charming wine town of Israel. It was a truly beautiful day, gorgeous sunshine and sunset! I haven't shared this look until now (I wore the same dress in a Lookbook post but it wasn't at Zikhron). My next post will be a tour of this place so lookout for that! 

I wanted to share this today because I've been getting the travel bugs. I really want to travel (soon). I've been happy designing, enjoying my time here in Taipei but I feel it! My wanderlusting bug is back! Thinking back to my travels is giving me that feeling of excitement and energy. I'm thinking about taking a mini trip to some place in Taiwan. Travelling is my sunshine! I'm getting so excited just thinking about the whole thing! Don't worry I'll still keep my word and do my Taipei City Guides hehe 

Any of you feel like taking a trip too? Wanderlust bug hit yet?
See you soon in the next post :) 

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