As a beauty enthusiast + founder & blogger of bwemag,  I couldn't help but venture into this shop called Lavido! Came across this while strolling around  Zikhron Yaakov! It's a natural/ organic Israeli skincare company! I was very excited and couldn't wait to go in! Come browse along with me!

"Lavido, a natural face and body care company based on organic oils. Each of our products is made with the best raw, plant-based ingredients combined with purified mineral-rich waters from the Sea of Galilee. The results are balanced, effective and luxurious blends for the face and body."- Ido (founder of Lavido)
I was told by this lovely girl that the shop also acts as a natural beauty workshop where customers sign up to take courses in "herbology" and learn about the various natural ingredients. 
The price range is on the high side, though they have many "sale" items, such as the pomegranate seed cream. (the item on the right hand side).
The display of items and the overall atmosphere was relaxed and calm. The scent in the store was "light with a hint of herb". I enjoyed the packaging and the gift sets!
"Lavido’s commitment to progressive technologies through innovation and research is exemplified by our use of ingredients such as plant-based hyaluronic acid, while the extraction methods we use ensure a highly effective product. 
Lavido oils are diffused, infused, or cold-pressed using the most natural extraction processes including mechanical extraction, a non-chemical water-based distillation process that separates the vital oils from liquids. Mechanical extraction best retains the active essentials of the plant, nut, or seed being used. It is also a traditional form of distillation going back millennia. Lavido is equally committed to cutting-edge technologies, provided they meet strict natural guidelines, such as CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is an eco-friendly chemical process that retains the active qualities of the plant and also allows for selective essences to be extracted." 

Elegant and cute, I enjoyed the illustrations! Really wanted to buy more things but sadly the prices were too high for me. (Next time!)
Salt scrubs are the best! They had some really lovely scents!
Such a lovely exploration of Lavido! The founder of the brand is Ido! So I guess the name is Lav (love) Ido? haha let me know if I'm thinking too much! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! :) Incase any of you are wondering! Lavido is a cruelty free company meaning they do not test on animals. Israel is also one of the first countries to ban animal testing!


I have been away for more than 2 months, due to many things which I will share in the next post.
Life has it's way of shaking things up from time to time, for me it's one of those times.
I hope you all are having a lovely day!

I can't wait to head somewhere this summer! Fingers crossed!
I miss the lovely sunshine!

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