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Today's post is about passionate causes. Great time for great new beginnings! I've decided to start writing those more serious topics (Regarding Choices, Urban Lifestyle + impact, Love + relationships and sustainable development in design). My participation in Model United Nations in High School is catching up to me. I've always been an activist for equal rights and as a teacher / designer I feel a responsibility to address some "heavier" topics apart from sharing my usual life + style posts. Lets get to it! 

We are all passionate about something, personally, I am passionate about treating others the way I would like to be treated and respecting life (all life). I always loved animals and was an advocate for them but I didn't always understand what it meant to love them right. I was a promoter of meat (carelessly), I purchased leather, I was a shopoholic, didn't always care about saving water, purchased animals from pet shops, enjoyed zoos, ate lots of junk food and just overall bad habits.

Through the years I have started to simplify my life. As a designer it's natural to become aware of our unsustainable urban ways. If I could choose to go back to change my choices and actions, of course I would. But we have right now, and what better time to change? 

Thanks to social media I began following pages dedicated to bringing interesting articles and sharing quotes by some of the world's most intelligent philosophers and teachers. This adding on to all my previous experiences with nature and my upbringing, my mind began to shift, a paradigm shift. These new pages I started to follow started to strengthen my core values and gave me clarity to my thoughts. As a human being it is our responsibility to care, to take care of earth. Yet all these years I had been bullying and hurting her. Mother Earth.


Every little bit of change counts at such a crucial time, climate change is real. It affects everyone, every single living organism on this planet. What is climate change? Think of it like this: Yes one could be "destined" to get a stroke and die (scary yes) but eating extra high fat foods and drinking soda (loaded with toxins and sugar), while smoking and taking drugs would speed up this process not lessen the risk. This is what earth is dealing with now. 

Pollution, Pesticides, urban meat production, plastic waste, animal trafficking, unsustainable energy sources, ocean pollution, cheap fashion, mining and deforestation to name a few. 

Earth could be destined to die sometime in the future but we have speeded up that process with all our unmindful and destructive urban ways. This post isn't to point fingers, it is to become aware of our choices and actions. Own up to our deeds and become conscious of the ways we are living our lives.

I am an advocate for.
Respecting all life on earth.
Treating others how I want to be treated.

The ways I have treated earth is not how I would like to be treated so I am changing myself.

There are many lazy excuses we use to justify our ways but they are lazy. Working on ourselves is the hardest task we will ever face but it is one which will never fail us. Growth is fundamental to life. If we choose to neglect growth we have chosen to give up on life. If we don't keep growing our minds, expanding our consciousness and loving earth right. We will truly be dying a slow death. An unmindful regretful death. How will we face the next generation and the generations after? How will we ask for forgiveness? 

I look at my students and their kind spirits and open hearts and feel a deep responsibility for their futures. It is important to take care of each other when we can. While we have the energy and the power to do so.

Every Little bit helps. 

I can honestly say since becoming conscious of my actions things have really changed for me. I feel more centered and connected. The biggest change I've made has been eating plant based. I eat wholesome foods and don't ever crave junk foods. This has opened up my life to nutrition, fitness and seeing how food affects our planet. Advocating for earth is advocating for life, humans, animals, nature, all the organisms imbetween. Yes I am a humanitarian, being a humanitarian isn't about humans being the best. It is understanding that human life is sacred and thus all other life is just as sacred because without earth none of us can survive. Without Earths Helpers the animals, plants and living organisms. Earth loses it's balance and thus harmony is disrupted. Soon destroyed.  

HeyLiao! is evolving daily as I learn and grow, so does this platform. This platform is about ideas, creativity, love for life-style and design! All these interests don't have to contribute to destruction. I really hope we all keep working for earth instead of against her. No matter our occupation, background, religion, age, ethnicity we must never forget that we are global citizens. 

Let us all love and respect earth right!

Do not strive for perfection, strive for progress and growth. 
We are not here to save the planet, we are here to be accountable for our choices and actions. Every choice we make is moulding the world we live in. Ignorance is not bliss. Living consciously and free is bliss. Don't justify wrong with laziness, be the change you wish to see in the world. Starting with ourselves, strengthen our core strength and centeredness. Striving to be better human beings, because that is the least we can do after all the destruction we have caused. When we educate ourselves we can only then affect others positively.  

I will end this post with a few quotes from the teachers who've inspired me. 

"Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny"
-Frank Outlaw
"You cannot get through a single
day without having an impact on
the world around you.
What you do makes a difference,
and you have to decide what kind
of a difference you want to make.
- Jane Goodall

"Without Ethical Culture, 
There is no salvation for
Humanity!" - Albert Einstein 

"Happiness is neither virtue
nor pleasure nor this
thing nor that but
simply growth.
We are happy when 
we are growing".
-William Butler Yeats

"When you know better,
You do better."
-Maya Angelou

Lets do better! 
Love Earth Right!
Love Animals Right!
Love each other right!

See you in the next post! x

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